Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria but also arguably the most conveniently situated; being a 50-minute drive from the capital city Sofia and the airport.

Borovets is the most interesting resort in terms of investment, precisely because it has not been subject to the overdevelopment seen in other resorts over the last fifteen years. There is not and there never has been, a large excess of available property for sale or use. Which is hugely positive economically but also aesthetically. One factor of several which has played a significant role in the steadily rising property prices that we have seen in the last three to five years.

There are very limited privately owned houses and plots in the resort of Borovets, so the sale of this property offers a very unique opportunity in itself to purchase property in Borovets.

The property includes 3000m2 of building land.

On the plot is a very beautiful old house which was built in the 1920’s by a merchant family just prior to the start of fledgling communism. The family lost the house during communism and it was given for use to American diplomats and visitors during this time. There is an American retro electric cooker in the kitchen which is a testament to the visitors who used the house and the local security company will tell you how many cold war bugging devices they removed from the property before the house was returned to its original owners in the late 1990’s.

The house has a huge stone base and beautiful wooden timber construction which is exposed in certain places. The ground floor has two entrances and comprises; a magnificent living area divided into two with a large, central fire place. The walls are covered in highly polished wooden paneling set off by a flagstone floor. The furniture and fixings are original so the room is really atmospheric. There is also a good-sized kitchen, loo, access to the cellars and a wide entrance hall with the stairs to the first and second floors. The first and second floors have a total of six bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is also a very large, private wooden terrace accessed from the first floor.


Sale Price 430,000 per night