Two weeks ago we launched the new design of our website. This is the result of quite a few months of work in our team and we are quite proud of our achievements. Why did we decide it was time for a new design? Read on.

It is a normal cycle in every website’s life to revamp and update with a fresh design, new functionalities, technical improvements every few years and Rivendell website was no exception. Finally, we are very satisfied with the result and with how it will improve your browsing experience.

Here are some improvements that the new design brings:

The new design is now fully responsive! You will now be able to smoothly browse Rivendell on your tablet or your smartphone, on top of a desktop browser. The whole website looks more airy and lighter which makes it more enjoyable to navigate. We implemented a new color scheme and flat design to make it look younger, more modern.

We where not alone in the adventure. Rivendell has been highly supported, technically, by Jared Mitchel, a freelance website designer. Contactdetails:

So, this website was made in order to give you a greater visitor and user experience. But, of course, if you have any feedback on how to improve it, we would be glad to hear it!

Feel free to drop your comment in our contact form or directly by email to [email protected]